Civil Society’s 2030 Agenda Light Report -2021

The fifth edition of the “Civil Society’s 2030 Agenda Light Report” is produced by the Civil Society Working Group for the 2030 Agenda (GT Agenda 2030) – a coalition of 57 organizations and forums from all over the country. This is the only publication in Brazil that offers a 360-degree panorama of the progress of the implementation of the 17 SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals.

In this fifth edition, all 169 goals defined in the 2030 Agenda were analyzed. Of these, 92 (or 54.4%) are in regression; 27 (16%) are stagnant; 21 (12.4%) are threatened; 13 (7.7%) have insufficient progress; and 1 (0.6%) does not apply to the Brazilian reality. There are also 15 goals (8.9%) that were not ranked due to lack of data. In addition to the analysis of the goals, the report brings 127 recommendations for Brazil to move forward in fulfilling what was agreed upon in 2015 at the UN.

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